Desktop as a Service

By now, you may know all about the strengths of cloud computing, and the solutions they can bring to your clients, but not all virtual desktops are created equal. CloudConnect leverages the best partners in technology so that you can deploy an effective solution that’s easy to manage. We’re the kind of people that will pick up the phone personally if there’s ever an issue.

Install Any Application

CloudConnect is designed with the ability to install most any third-party application. The platform will accommodate any application compatible with supported versions of Windows Server. You may also host Linux, if required, to install and run your applications.

Microsoft Licensing Compliance

CloudConnect is 1 of about 60 Qualified Multitenant Hosts. To learn more about our QMTH position, click here.

Install the latest Microsoft applications and pay monthly for only what you allocate. The CloudConnect platform will transparently inventory Microsoft software then passively allocate licenses using the most cost-efficient model for your deployment.


Simply select and install the necessary applications from the CloudConnect catalog. The Administrator may then set access for users. Any Microsoft applications will appear each month in your monthly CloudConnect bill.

Deploying your workloads on the CloudConnect Platform can simplify your organization’s Microsoft licensing compliance and budgeting initiatives.

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