Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions asked by business owners and executives regarding CloudConnect.


Question 1:  What is CloudConnect?

CloudConnect is a hosted virtual desktop and server cloud designed for organizations of all sizes. CloudConnect provides cloud infrastructure, a Windows-based hosted desktop with full server functionality, disaster recovery, and networking flexibility. The platform provides users with secure access to their applications, files, and folders in a user-friendly format using any internet-capable device.


Question 2:  How do I log in to the CloudConnect Desktop?

CloudConnect is accessible from any device with internet access. Using your username and unique password assigned by your IT administrator, the CloudConnect Desktop may be launched in one of two ways; either install the Citrix plugin and launch the desktop, or access the desktop using web access by navigating to the logon gateway.


Question 3:  What applications can my organization access with CloudConnect?

Since CloudConnect is a server-based environment, users may access any application that's compatible with a Windows server. CloudConnect also supports Linux operting system, making nearly any application compatible. Users also have access to Microsoft desktop or server applications, such as Microsoft Office, SQL Server, or Microsoft Project. These applications are all available in your IT administrator's catalog.


Question 4:  How do I print from my CloudConnect Desktop?

You may print directly from your CloudConnect Desktop as if you were printing from your local device. Upon logging in, users are prompted to "Allow Access" to the devices locally installed on their PC or laptop. This allows for seamless printing from the CloudConnect Desktop as if working from a local computer. In addition, other locally-installed devices are also available, such as webcams and other peripheral devices.


Question 5:  How many users does the CloudConnect platform support?

CloudConnect is a fit for organizations of all sizes. Organizations with hundreds of users utilize CloudConnect everyday for their computing needs. Since CloudConnect is a server-based platform, we recommend at least 5 users in order to make efficient use of the resources available.  


Question 6:  Can I work directly with CloudConnect?

CloudConnect is deployed and supported by a national network of trained IT professionals. Every CloudConnect environment requires initial deployment, in addition to ongoing maintenance to ensure systems are working properly and meet the specific needs of an organization. For this reason, it's important that every user group have an IT professional familiar with the organization and the workflow. If you're not currently affiliated with an IT professional or a Managed Service Provider, please contact CloudConnect and we'll recommend a suitable CloudConnect partner. 


Question 7:  What does CloudConnect cost?

CloudConnect is approximately the same cost as a traditional client-server deployment. Although many organizations realize a cost savings upon moving to CloudConnect, ultimately cost is determined by your organization's IT requirements and the level of service and support required from your IT professional.


Question 8:  What if I currently have an IT professional, but would still like to learn more about CloudConnect?

Often, businesses find CloudConnect directly. Many times, their IT professional is an existing CloudConnect partner. If not, we can arrange a brief tutorial together with your organization and your IT professional to determine if CloudConnect is a fit. Simply click the "FInd a Partner" link below and we'll recommend a CloudConnect IT partner in your area. 


Question 9:  How do I transfer my existing files and applications to CloudConnect?

Moving to CloudConnect is a 3-step process. First, a new environment is deployed in the cloud. Second, existing data is moved, including files and folders and current desktop profiles. And lastly, applications are installed. Once complete, users are ready to log in using their unique username and secure password.


If you have additional questions regarding CloudConnect, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Industry Honors and Awards

CloudConnect was named Best Cloud Solution
              at ASCII Group's 2015 SMB Success Summit CloudConnect was named "Best Cloud Solution" at ASCII Group's 2015 SMB Success Summit.
CloudConnect earned Best of Show at ITEXPO 
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CloudConnect was named Best Cloud Solution
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CloudConnect was named Best Cloud Solution
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