Virtual Graphical Capability on CloudConnect

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vGPU Overview


CAD/CAM Acceleration

Partial-Allocation Pricing

Greatly Increased Performance

The Perfect Solution for All Sizes of Graphical Workloads

vGPU is an advanced technology that brings the benefits of hardware virtualization to graphical processing units. For the first time, virtual desktop users can run graphically demanding CAD/CAM applications and expect performance similar to that of a high end engineering workstation. CloudConnect has partnered with NVIDIA and VMware to integrate this technology into the CloudConnect Platform.

Partners may assign video RAM to virtual machines in profiles of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 GB. Each user with access to the virtual machine requires an NVIDIA Virtual Workstation License, which will be automatically allocated by CloudConnect. vGPU also reduces the load on the CPU by offloading graphical instructions to actual CUDA cores instead of being processed by the CPU. The result is higher density and scalability in a multi-session environment for customers using vGPU.

Accelerate Your Workloads

CloudConnect further accelerates this technology through it's partnership with Citrix, leveraging the GPU sharing and HDX 3D Pro Stack of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. This enables multiple users to simultaneously access the same virtual GPU from a multi-session operating system, further reducing administrative burden by enabling system administrators to continue to manage a single instance of CAD/CAM applications across multiple users running on the CloudConnect Platform.

CloudConnect's turn-key solution for CAD/CAM applications is unmatched in the industry, with best-in-class application performance and management at an affordable cost for all sizes of businesses.