BASIC Policy

The Basic Policy is designed for users demanding the advantages of robust cloud infrastructure, without the costs typically associated with an extensive cloud-based solution.

The Basic Policy is typically utilized when replacing a simple cloud server or an existing on-premise deployment. Gain the advantages of high performance cloud infrastructure and cloud desktop delivery with high availability and Data Protection. Learn more>>


The Business Policy is designed for users demanding a comprehensive cloud environment with an increased level of resiliency. With 10 nights and 7 weeks of Data Protection, an organization may significantly limit its exposure in the event of user error or a complete datacenter loss. Learn more>>                     


Designed for environments requiring the most comprehensive level of resiliency, the Enterprise Policy replicates to a geographically separate and redundant datacenter location and includes 10 nightly and 7 weekly snapshots. The Enterprise Policy is a true enterprise-level disaster recovery solution designed for environments with zero tolerance for downtime. Learn more>>

Why Different Policy Tiers?

Every business or organization has different resiliency requirements based upon the demands of their workflow and business needs. Most organizations significantly improve resiliency and uptime with the transition to hosted infrastructure. By calculating the cost of downtime, an organization can easily determine the appropriate level of resiliency. Utilize CloudConnect's Storage Policies to accommodate your user groups. Most often, downtime is a result of human error. This is why CloudConnect includes Data Protection with every policy, ensuring that your users' valuable data is never at risk.  

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