Tier II Support

CloudConnect Technical Support is available to all partners for Tier II support issues. Designed to aid partners and their teams with issues involving Citrix Level One access and infrastructure support, CloudConnect ensures that partners and their users maintain consistent and dependable access. CloudConnect Technical Support is domestically located and is structured to provide the highest level of support. Contact Technical Support via telephone or the support portal.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

CloudConnect engineers perform ongoing maintenance and support at every layer of the platform. CloudConnect techs monitor and maintain the physical platfom to ensure reliable and redundant infrastructure. Ongoing monitoring of the system is performed to prevent security threats, including viruses and malware, while patches and updates of critical operating systems are deployed on an ongoing basis.

Advanced Support

CloudConnect offers Advanced Support for addressing issues not covered under basic technical support, such as third-party application support. Advanced Support provides partners and their administrators access to high-level technicians on a billable basis for the purpose of providing unmatched comprehensive support.

A Strong Service Level Agreement

CloudConnect offers the strongest SLA in the industry. Protect your clients and your business from downtime due to datacenter and infrastructure faults. The SLA helps defray the cost and liability of access issues. Let CloudConnect insure your business from downtime and from the uncertainties commonly associated with complex on-premise environments.