CloudConnect utilizes the latest in server technology to deliver 2.93 GHz processing. Utilizing the latest enterprise-grade CPU and RAM chipsets, engineers optimize the ratio between cores and memory. Partners may select the combination that suits their users. Meanwhile, the latest in vmware technology ensures that server resources are being used efficiently.


The importance of proper network infrastructure is often overlooked as a crucial requirement of any cloud platform. A properly designed network reduces bottlenecks and keeps traffic flowing smoothly. Utilizing a 10 gigabit ethernet backbone, CloudConnect's robust and redundant network ensures that you and your users' data flows smoothly. CloudConnect optimizes outgoing internet carriers, ensuring that your users receive the greatest interent speeds at that time.


Enterprise-grade SANs ensure that data is always available and consistently backed-up. Data will never be starved for IOPS, keeping users satisfied with optimal accessibility and performance. Data protection is included with every gigabyte of storage, ensuring that users' data is secure.

Optimal Performance

CloudConnect's performance is the result of optimal resources spanning the compute, network, and storage pillars. All three entities work together to provide the best in performance for your users' public, private, or hybrid cloud.