Founded in 2010, CloudConnect has been changing the face of business technology for any hosted IT environment. Our cloud infrastructure and virtual desktop solution has been built focusing on flexibility and reliability; two of the core necessities for you to be able to easily scale your solution, and depend on it. By directly addressing the boundaries that have challenged cloud technology and it’s providers for years, CloudConnect enables businesses to easily and reliably access their files and line of business applications within a user-friendly Windows desktop.

CloudConnect, LLC is an employee-owned company, and our business model focuses on our partner’s success and growth in order for us to grow. CloudConnect does not sell directly to end users; our solution is exclusively available through partner vendors. This means that you will never have to worry about us being anything but an asset to your business.

For over a decade, CloudConnect has been designing and deploying the most robust cloud-based infrastructure and virtual desktop environments in the industry. A consistent track record of system uptime and a strong Service Level Agreement, coupled with dependable technical support, has led to CloudConnect’s strong reputation as a trusted cloud infrastructure and cloud desktop provider.