Opportunity Tracking

When the potential to provide a client with a Cloud solution arises, you can track the “opportunity” through IQMAP’s Opportunity view. This view provides insight into Monthly Recurring Revenue, as well as Estimated Annual Profit off of any opportunities that are being tracked.

From the Opportunities view, you can see a brief overview of the most relevant information to the client. This includes cost to the Reseller, Markup percentage, and total cost to the client.

This view also provides immediate access to things like Opportunity/Account details, the Blueprint Configuration, and any Proposals that have been generated for this opp.

Creating and managing potential Sales Opportunities is a straightforward process through this view. Clicking “New Opportunity” will bring you through a guided process to help you gather all the information you’ll need to quote out your client’s environment, and generate a proposal to display the value of a Cloud solution.

Blueprinting Configuration

Regardless of the complexity of your client’s environment, IQMAP has the capbility to effective blueprint your client’s Cloud solution. From large or complex Private Domain environments to smaller, simpler shops in the mspCloud architecture, the CloudConnect solution is truly built for all businesses.

The Configuration view allows the CloudConnect partner to accurately blueprint the client’s cloud solution. Whether your client is interested exclusively in a single cloud file server, or an entire infrastructure migration, the Configuration view allows for descriptive Virtual Machine deployment blueprinting to address your client’s needs.

The reseller can granularly choose Virtual Machine resource allocation, storage policy, software, user groups, and other critical information when creating a plan to either migrate or extend the client’s technology solution. The blueprinting of the enviornment, as well as the chosen profit policy and markup percentage, allow for the end user to get a clear idea as to what they will receive with this solution, and where the cost is coming from.

For more information on CloudConnect pricing, and to help communicate the value of the CloudConnect solution compared to other Cloud platforms, you can follow this link to be brought to a CloudConnect blogpost that breaks down the cost consistency and value of the CloudConnect solution.