Pricing and Profit

The Basic Policy is designed for users demanding the advantages of robust cloud infrastructure, without the costs typically associated with an extensive cloud-based solution. The Basic Policy includes up to 500 IOPs, average read latency less than 1 ms, and write latency less than 3 ms.

This policy is utilized when replacing a simple cloud server or an existing on-premise deployment. Users can gain the advantages of high performance cloud infrastructure and cloud desktop delivery with high availability and Data Protection.

The Basic Policy is best fit for users requiring the many advantages of a comprehensive cloud environment, without the costs typically associated with doing so. This may replace an existing isolated server that sits on-premise or within a datacenter. Basic Policy users can likely afford downtime equivalent to the time required to rebuild a virtual machine in the event of a complete datacenter fault. The data, however, is replicated off-site on a daily basis.

The Business Policy is designed for users demanding a comprehensive cloud environment with an increased level of resiliency. With 10 nights and 7 weeks of Data Protection, an organization may significantly limit its exposure in the event of user error or a complete datacenter loss. The Business Policy includes up to 1500 IOPs, average read latency less than 1 ms, and write latency less than 3 ms.

The Business Policy is a typically a fit for businesses and organizations that require 7 weekly snapshots in addition to nightly snapshots (off-site backup copy). These business might be replacing a co-located server or other hosted infrastructure and they wish to enhance both resiliency and performance while acquiring the advantages of robust cloud infrastrcture or cloud desktop.

Designed for environments requiring the most comprehensive level of resiliency, the Enterprise Policy replicates to a geographically separate and redundant datacenter location and includes 10 nightly and 7 weekly snapshots. The Enterprise Policy is a true enterprise-level disaster recovery solution designed for environments with zero tolerance for downtime.

The Enterprise Policy is designed for environments that require a very short RPO and RTO, as well as significantly increased IOPs. The Enterprise Policy includes up to 25,000 IOPs, average read latency less than 1 ms, and write latency less than 3 ms.

Typically, these larger, fast-paced businesses and organizations cannot tolerate downtime, since the cost of downtime far outweighs the cost associated with maintaining an enterprise-grade environment. This type of organization requires ongoing replication to a geographically distinct datacenter location. The Enterprise Policy is an enterprise-level solution designed for this purpose, providing the best in uptime and resiliency.

Storage Policies

Profit Policies and Markup


IQMAP’s Profit Policy view allows for the creation of pricing policies that can be applied to any number of Opportunities or Accounts. Any Profit Policy successfully saved can be applied to other objects to assist in providing more options to the end user, or generating more revenue for the reseller.

While individual SKUs have the abilitiy to have individual markups applied, a more straightforward configuration is a global Markup Percentage (MUP) or Gross Profit Percentage (GPP). When hovering over the Tooltip, the following text is displayed that aids in understanding the difference between these two markups:

MUP: (Revenue – Your Cost) / Your Cost * 100
GPP: (Revenue – Your Cost) / Revenue * 100