Robust Cloud Infrastructure within a Flexible Architecture

CloudConnect's cloud infrastructure is specifically designed to provide the resources required to accommodate the needs of complex IT environments. CloudConnect's enterprise-grade platform is designed to offer the compute, network, and storage resources within a virtual private datacenter. CloudConnect provides IT infrastructure that is scalable and highly automated, providing a pay-as-you-go consumption model that eliminates unpredictability and cost overages. Eliminate the expense and complexity of a hardware build-out and reduce the labor requirements associated with hardware monitoring and maintenance.

A secure virtual private datacenter with multi-tenancy capitalizes on state of the art server virtualization for managing resources and maximizing uptime. Maintaining an uptime target of 99.99%, high availability is a staple of CloudConnect's architecture. The platform is designed with N+1 redundancy at every level. CloudConnect's infrastructure is housed in a SSAE 16 Type II, Tier III datacenter facility. 128-bit AES encryption ensures that terabyte upon terabyte of subscribers' data is secure at rest. An SSL connection and ongoing data integrity checking ensure user security with every login.

Step 1: Choose Your Architecture

Choose the architecture that accommodates you and your users.

The mspCloud provides a true virtual private datacenter within a centralized management domain for efficiently deploying and managing your cloud infrastructure and user groups. Provision resources and deploy user groups across a shared active directory instance using CloudConnect's mspCloud.                    
Deploy a private domain for more complex user environments. Resting on an isolated Active Directory instance, the Private Domain mimics the isolation and security of a true private cloud, at a fraction of the cost. Maintain control, while leaving hardware maintenance, uptime, and infrastructure support to CloudConnect.

Step 2: Choose Your Policy

CloudConnect has three different Storage Policies from which to choose. Each Policy varies in replication and disaster recovery levels, ranging from enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for the enterprise to hosted services appropriate for cost-conscious small businesses. You can "mix and match" Storage Policies across virtual machines, allowing you to tailor the resiliency and DR level to meet your clients' needs.

Storage is based upon a choice of three separate Policies, which finalizes the design for any particular user group. Storage Policies are available to specifically tailor your infrastructure by meeting the needs and budget of your clients.

Below is a summary of the Policy tiers, with a description of the business or organization types that tend to fit each Policy.

BASIC Policy:  The Basic Policy is a fit for users requiring the many advantages of a comprehensive cloud environment, without the costs typically associated with doing so. This may replace an existing isolated server that sits on-premise or within a datacenter. Basic Policy users can likely afford downtime equivalent to the time required to rebuild a virtual machine in the event of a complete datacenter fault. The data, however, is replicated off-site on a daily basis.

BUSINESS Policy:  The Business Policy is a typically a fit for businesses and organizations that require 7 weekly snapshots in addition to nightly snapshots (off-site backup copy). Typically, these business are replacing a co-located server or other hosted infrastructure and they wish to enhance both resiliency and performance while acquiring the advantages of robust cloud infrastrcture or cloud desktop.

ENTERPRISE Policy:  The Enterprise Policy is designed for environments that require a very short RPO and RTO. Typically, these larger, fast-paced businesses and organizations cannot tolerate downtime, since the cost of downtime far outweighs the cost associated with maintaining an enterprise-grade environment. This type of organization requires ongoing replication to a geographically distinct datacenter location. The Enterprise Policy is an enterprise-level solution designed for this purpose, providing the best in uptime and resiliency.



Industry Honors and Awards

CloudConnect was named Best Cloud Solution
              at ASCII Group's 2015 SMB Success Summit CloudConnect was named "Best Cloud Solution" at ASCII Group's 2015 SMB Success Summit.
CloudConnect earned Best of Show at ITEXPO 
              Miami 2014 CloudConnect earned "Best of Show" at ITEXPO Miami 2014.
CloudConnect was named Best Cloud Solution
              at MSP Alliance's MSPWorld Orlando 2014 CloudConnect was named "Best Cloud Solution" at MSP Alliance's MSPWorld Orlando 2014.
CloudConnect was named Best Cloud Solution
              at ChannelPro's 2015 SMB Success Summit CloudConnect was named "Best Cloud Solution" at ChannelPro's 2015 SMB Success Summit.