Simple Pricing

A simple pricing model allows for accurate cost estimates and transparent month-end billing reports.

Client Materials

CloudConnect works with enrolled partners to create customized client-facing materials for use educating clients about the CloudConnect solution for their business.   

Desktop Trial

A Desktop trial provides potential clients with a risk-free trial to become acquainted with the Desktop. This allows them to log in and use the Windows desktop from any device.                      

An important aspect to delivering any hosted solution is the ability to relay the value of the solution to clients. CloudConnect workswith its partners to provide customized client-facing presentation materials designed specifically for their business. Present and sell the service on the basis of risk-based pricing, allowing clients to select the resiliency profile most suited to them and their business.

Re-package and Re-price the Service

CloudConnect's reseller model allows partners to re-package, re-price, and resell the service based upon their own business model. While CloudConnect is specifically designed to coincide with a full managed services model, partners may repackage the service to suit their own business model.